A Vancouver Newcomer’s Observations Vol 3: Sushi Snobs

Photo: www.bcliving.ca

Photo: www.bcliving.ca

Hello Vancouver! As you all know, I’m a Vancouver newbie. I’ve lived multiple places around Canada, and I’m pleased to say I’ve now landed in this lovely city. I’m stumbling upon new reasons to love this city on the daily, and I could not be happier to call it home! Follow me and my column, New-B, as I get to know Vancouver and, inevitably, fall in love with it.

Before moving to Vancouver I had dined on what I thought to be some pretty acceptable, if not pretty delicious, sushi. Many cities I’ve lived in or visited have had their roster of “best” sushi hot-spots, and I’ve visited many of them feeling satisfied and determined to visit again for more oddly delicious raw fish. Every once in a while I’ve come across a west-coaster who will either not eat sushi in the interior provinces, or spends a whole lot of time criticizing said sushi if they do happen to indulge. I once thought to myself, “man, Vancouverites are sushi snobs!”

Now, before you go forming an angry mob, I’m here to say that though you may actually be “sushi snobs,” holy moly are you justified! If I told my 10-year old self that I not only eat raw fish, but that I pay to do so and there is no Fear Factoresque gameshow attached, my younger self would be horrified. Not to mention that for my entire life up until now I have been doing so nowhere near the ocean! Complete madness. Since biting into my first Vancouver sushi roll I am kicking myself for ever consuming that tasteless, oddly-textured meat that interior Canada refers to as fish.

Photo: www.styledemocracy.com

Photo: www.styledemocracy.com

Not only is the sushi in Vancouver delectable beyond words, it is everywhere! You can find an outstanding sushi spot on nearly every corner, and (don’t hate me for saying this) even the grocery store sushi blows what I’m used to out of the water.

Something I’m also finding is that the sushi scene here is so vast that you can really cater your experience to your current situation. If you feel like having a nice sit-down sushi dinner with a glass of wine, that’s possible! If you’re on the run and want to grab a roll to eat in transit, also possible! When I spoke to a friend who told me he was eating sushi roughly 5 times a week, I didn’t even question him because, why the heck wouldn’t you when you’re in this city!?

Basically, if you’re in Vancouver and you’re not eating sushi right now, you’re making a big mistake. You haven’t lived until you’ve sampled Vancouver sushi.

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