Vancouver’s Love Affair with Coffee – I’ll take mine with a Splash of Nature


Horseshoe Bay Photo: Rob Weiss

I adore coffee, and like many Vancouverites, my morning cup is a daily ritual and my local Barista a trusted friend.  Fortunately, when in Vancouver, you do not need to look far to find a coffee shop.  From your basic double-double to exclusive gourmet roasters, the city has much to offer.  For many, the simple surge of caffeine is the draw, but in neighbourhoods throughout the city, the local coffee shop reflects the fabric of the community.  These welcoming spaces have become neighbourhood hubs so to speak.  From Gastown to the Drive, it is apparent that we love our Java.


English Bay Photo: Rob Weiss

Granted Vancouverites are sophisticated coffee drinkers.  Roasting and brewing techniques are compared and evaluated.  Ethical sourcing of beans is discussed and the ambiance of the coffee shop is paramount.  As much as I try to engage and participate in this coffee culture, I find myself distracted.


Porteau Cove Photo: Rob Weiss

During the fall, when the sun peeks out and the air is crisp, the call of the outdoors is as strong for me as the urge for coffee.  Willingly, I forgo the pumpkin spice lattes and extra espresso shots.  My vice – a primus stove, French press and a piece of driftwood.  Personally, I can’t imagine anything better than the opportunity to skip the sugar and add a pinch of nature to my morning “cuppa.”  Fortunately, for me and other “outsiders” not only is Vancouver one of the world’s best cities for coffee, it is also one of the world’s best cities for outdoor exploration.


Stanley Park Photo: Rob Weiss

Sitting on a piece of driftwood absorbing the epic scenery and lovingly cradling my steaming cup of Joe, it occurred to me that although I am admittedly a caffeine addict, maybe my true addiction is to nature.  Vancouver serves up both well. Refill please.


Skyline View Photo: Rob Weiss

Where’s your favourite place to enjoy your morning coffee?

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