Vancouver Mysteries Presents the Third Annual Valentine’s Day Couples Competition

Team Katers (winners 2015, 2016); Sourced from Vancouver Mysteries’ Facebook Page

Do you and your sweetie have a competitive streak? Do you try to beat relatives and friends when you’re playing as a team during a friendly game of Pictionary or Charades?

If so, Vancouver Mysteries might just have the Valentine’s Day activity for you. You’ll get the chance to work as a team and have the opportunity to explore the streets of downtown Vancouver.

My boyfriend and I tried one of Vancouver Mysteries’ games last year and had a blast. Basically, you’re given an inventive mystery case to solve and you have to put your heads together to work out a variety of inventive puzzles and clues. The game gets you moving around the city as you interact with key landmarks that are woven into your mystery narrative.

Sourced from Vancouver Mysteries’ Facebook page

This Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2017 at 6:30pm), Vancouver Mysteries is bringing back their very popular Couples Competition for a third year. Basically, there are three different games to choose from, you sign the two of you up ($25 per player plus GST), you meet at a Top Secret Location, and then you get going competing against other couples.

Winners get the prestige of the win, as well as a prize (eg in the past, winners received chocolate and event tickets).

The Sweethearts (Crime in Downtown 2016 Winners); Sourced from Vancouver Mysteries’ Facebook page

The three games to choose from are:

Crime in Downtown

Sourced from Vancouver Mysteries’ website

(Cue the blood-curdling scream) This is a murder mystery that will ask you to solve a case involving the death of Jimmy Capello who was stabbed, poisoned, and strangled (eep). Clues will take you all around the cobbled streets of Vancouver’s iconic Gastown.

Flickr: Colin Knowles

Secret Mission

Sourced from Vancouver Mysteries website

This game is a high stakes mission that will demand all of your skills as you attempt to save the city from an organization that goes by the name BLACKOUT. You and your date will explore downtown Vancouver as you try to figure out and undermine BLACKOUT’s plot to destroy the city.

Heroes & Villains

Sourced from Vancouver Mysteries website

This one sounds like tons of fun! If you and your date have aspirations to be superheroes, this is definitely your game. The mission involves you working to thwart the master plot of Muck Monster and her gang who want to harness mother nature and seize control of the world. Search downtown Vancouver in order to find her secret lair, uncover her secret identity, and prevent any attacks on the city.

Competition promises to be fierce. Team Katers has already won two years in a row and are going for their third win in the Heroes & Villains game.

You can sign-up on-line, as well as find out more about the games on the Vancouver Mysteries website. The Valentine’s Day Couples Competition sells out, so don’t wait too long to decide.

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