Fleetmac Wood this Thursday – check out their Top 5 Fleetwood Mac remixes!

Lisa Jelliffe and Alex Oxley of Fleetmac Wood

Lisa Jelliffe and Alex Oxley of Fleetmac Wood. The DJs spin remixes of ’70s soft-rock hits and beyond this Thursday night at the Biltmore Cabaret. Ben Cope photo.

In honour of the return of Fleetmac Wood, the London-based remix project honouring Fleetwood Mac, the project’s Lisa Jelliffe has shared a list of Top 5 Fleetwood Mac remixes.

As one of the DJs behind Fleetmac Wood, Oxley has traveled the world, spinning the gospel of 1977’s Rumours and 1979’s Tusk to excited masses, many of whom are too young to recall a time when those albums were at the top of the charts.

Fleetmac Wood last touched down in Vancouver in the summer of 2016. The one-night celebration of all things Mac brings what it calls its Rumours Rave to the Biltmore Cabaret this Friday, April 13 (visit ticketfly.com for tickets – $12 in advance). If you ever spun around in a gossamer gown alone in a candle-lit room to the strains of “Rhiannon” – or if you’ve ever even just thought about it – you’ll want to be there. In the meantime, here are those five remixes, with comments by Jelliffe.

1. “The Chain”(Antenna Happy Acid Pit Stop mix)

“That killer bass line gets dipped in acid by UK producer Antenna Happy and is always a heady moment at our parties.”

2. “Dreams” (Psychemagik Remix)

“Premiered at our first party in London in 2012, this delicate reworking exemplifies what we love about remixes done well. Stevie Astral travels to a disco in an alternate universe and hugs the bass bin. Cosmic crystal visions ensue…”

3. “Silver Springs” (Roxanne Roll Rework)

“A new one from us that is going down well at our Rumours Rave. ‘Silver Springs’ famously never made the original vinyl and became a B side to ‘Go Your Own Way’. It’s one of our favorite Mac tracks, so we really wanted to keep the ethereal feel of the song intact whilst adding length and dance floor punctuation.”

A Fleetmac Wood event. Jolanta Valeniece photo.

4. “Gypsy” (Twin Sun Edit)

“‘Gypsy’ is the perfect pop song and Twin Sun managed to add even more twinkly, disco dust with this edit. The build up really works to create that goose-bump moment with Stevie’s vocals.”

5. “Tusk” (Smooth Sailing Edit)

“Tusk really is a real tribal stomp of a track and we wanted to accentuate the feelings of people power and wild energy by adding a crazed, drum break-down. See if you can pick where the extra drums came from? We really hope this makes Mick Fleetwood giggle if he ever hears it.”

Video – Fleetmac Wood presents the Rumours Rave

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