4 Unique Ways To Spend Mother’s Day With Mom In Vancouver

Handmade cards are lovely, and a personal phone call is perfectly sweet, but there are more exciting ways to show your mama you care on Mother’s Day. Luckily for you, Vancouver is filled with special offers and activities to help you plan your surprise as the special Sunday approaches.

From tantalizing her tastebuds, to trying something entirely new, we’ve got a list of some fun (and unique) ways to honour your mother this Mother’s Day. Check out our list of 4 ways to spend the day with mom in Vancouver, and make her special day a day to remember.

Float Pod | Photo: Metta³ Rest Spa

1) Enjoy a first-time float

Where: Metta³ Rest Spa / 3663 West Broadway, Vancouver BC

Treat her to a truly unique and totally relaxing sensory deprivation experience at a float spa. Unwind, sip on tea, and soak in the serenity as you wait for your float in the peaceful library/waiting room, and then part ways and climb into your own luxurious sensory deprivation float pod, where you’ll experience the feeling of complete weightlessness as you float in water with over 800lbs of Epsom Salt dissolved into it. You’ll leave feeling totally restored and rejuvenated, and she will too!

BONUS: Get flowers and a float in time for Mother’s Day via Metta³ Rest Spa and Mayhew Sherwood Florist, including a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a 1-hour float session for only $100 ($155 value).

High Tea Treats | Photo: Secret Garden Tea Company

2) Take your high tea to go

Where: Secret Garden Tea Company / 2138 West 40th Ave, Vancouver BC

Many opt for a traditional high tea to celebrate Mother’s Day in style, complete with miniature sandwiches and aromatic teas served in china cups. Why not mix it up a bit and enjoy a high tea to go! Pre-order your treats and take your mom to a picturesque spot in Vancouver to enjoy a special lunch outdoors. Not sure where to take your tea and treats? Try one of these perfect hidden picnic spots in Granville Island.

NOTE: Be sure to pre-order your take-out high tea. Pick up only available May 13 & 14.

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar | Photo: Starbucks

3) Connect over carefully-crafted coffee

Where: Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar / 2980 Main Street, Vancouver BC

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Vancouver’s first Starbucks location, the city has just opened its doors to an experiential Reserve Coffee Bar – the first of its kind in Canada. Take your coffee-loving mom for an elevated coffee experience, and sip on a unique blend of beans brewed using The Siphon Brewing Method, a mesmerizing and skillful process first patented by a woman!

NOTE: It may take a bit longer to brew your carefully-crafted cup of coffee, but it’ll be well worth the wait.

Vancity Cryo Bar | Photo: Vancity Cryo Bar

4) Chill at a cryo bar

Where: Vancity Cryo Bar / 555 Howe Street, Vancouver BC

Step into a cryo chamber and expose your body to temperatures as low as -110°C to -145°C! The whole body cryotherapy experience not only relieves pain and inflammation, provides beauty benefits, and enhances athletic performance, but the cool chill can leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed. Come chill with your mom at Vancity Cryo Bar and receive two for one sessions in their cryosauna this Mother’s Day – a truly unique, must-try experience.

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