Kids In Vancouver: 4 Playground-Adjacent Coffee Shop Patios

Blenz Coffee | Photo: Blenz Coffee (Instagram)

When you’re a parent, nothing pairs better with rambunctious children than a caffeine-forward cuppa joe and a great outdoor space to let your kids run free. Fortunately, Vancouver is filled with coffee shop patios that are situated only steps away from the city’s best parks and playgrounds, so parents can relax while their kids get their wiggles out.

Here are 4 places to grab a coffee that are adjacent to playgrounds – perfect for parents who want to caffeinate and chill while their children play outside.

Kids Market | Photo: Bianca Bujan

Pedro’s Organic Coffee – Granville Island, Vancouver

Kids flock to the wooden ship that sits perched on the pond in front of the Kids Market in Granville Island, but the hot spot is also perfect for grabbing a hot cup of java or a cool gelato cone and planting on a nearby bench. Adjacent to the play structure, Pedro’s Organic Coffee makes the ideal rest stop for tired parents.

Smith Park, Wesbrook Village | Photo: Bianca Bujan

Blenz Coffee – Wesbrook Village, Vancouver

Wesbrook Village has become its own thriving community, tucked into a sprawling space on the grounds of the University of BC. On site, families can stroll from park to park, enjoying water features, shops and playgrounds, and a Blenz coffee shop sits only steps away from where kids can play outside.

Steveston Park, Richmond | Photo: Clayton Perry (Flickr)

Starbucks Coffee – Steveston Village, Richmond

Located in the heart of Steveston Village in Richmond, Steveston Park is a community hub and a bustling outdoor space where children love to play. With Starbucks located only a block away, this is an excellent spot for parents to hang out while their kids splash in the spray park, climb on the play structure and swing in the sun.

Deep Cove, North Vancouver | Photo: Bianca Bujan

Honey’s Doughnuts – Deep Cove, North Vancouver

Panorama Park in Deep Cove is the perfect spot for families to shop, stroll and play. The quaint seaside village of Deep Cove features a handful of great coffee shops and snack stops, including the popular Honey’s Doughnuts, loved by outdoor enthusiasts and North Shore visitors looking for a sweet treat after a day of outdoor play. Grab a coffee and a doughnut and head towards the water, where you’ll find a spacious grass field, a playground for tots, and a beautiful beach, all ideal spots to settle in and sip on your bevy while you watch your babies enjoy the outdoors.

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