Nine Easy Ways to Keep Up Your 2021 Wellness Goals

With every new year comes the rush of big wellness goals and resolutions: eat healthier, exercise more… you know the drill. But these often fall by the wayside. We want you to feel amazing in our beautiful city, so we’ve curated a list of activities and places in Vancouver that can help you achieve your 2021 wellness goals — and support local businesses at the same time!


Until February 5, 2021, in line with the public health order issued on November 20, non-essential travel into and out of BC is not recommended. BC residents let’s do our part by continuing to stay local and support local, with your immediate household or bubble, in accordance with the latest guidelines


Aside from life (or 2020) leading our goals astray, part of what can derail us in our wellness journeys is not getting specific or not knowing where to start. I hope this list can help you sustainably keep up your 2021 health resolutions!

Green juice from Vancouver's the juice truck

Photo: The Juice Truck

Eat healthier

Regardless of preference, restrictions, or allergies, eating well in our city is not a problem. And it’s super easy to eat well and healthy while on-the-go or at home.

Cook restaurant meals at home: Cooking at home is often the most economical way to eat healthier, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little help. Check out these Vancouver restaurants offering meal kits to help you cook wholesome meals like a pro!

Go plant-based: Incorporating a more plant-based focus for your daily food intake is always a good idea. Here is a list of popular restaurants with plant-based meal options for dine-in and takeout. (This writer highly recommends the Najib’s Special Plate from Nuba!) Fully veggie-forward restaurants can also be found here.  See above for meal kits from Vancouver restaurants that can also help you with plant-based meals to cook at home

Juice bars: There are great juice bars around the city that serve fresh, cold-pressed juice and made-to-order smoothies to help you get those 5-7 fruits and vegetables a day. The Juice Truck and Jugo Juice each have several locations around the city and you can find more juice bar options here.

A group of snowshoers at Grouse Mountain near Vancouver

Photo credit: Grouse Mountain

Get moving

Regular exercise is key to a healthy body. Vancouver is often considered one of the healthiest cities in the world because we have so many places to get outside and move. But when it’s raining, it’s nice to stay inside. Here are some local options for both.

Hiking: There are so many places to hike in the Vancouver area, with several perfect to start the day off right and get you back home in time to shower and log on to your first Zoom call of the day. Check out the January hike of the month and these local trails to explore on rainy day.

Running or walking: Did you know that your body burns more calories when you run or walk in the rain? It’s true, but also a reminder that it doesn’t rain every day, but a 30-minute run or walk will feel amazing regardless of the weather.

Snowshoeing: On average, an hour of snowshoeing can burn around 400 calories, and it’s a fantastic core workout. Visit this blog post for a list of places in the Vancouver area that are open to the public for some snowshoeing fun.

Swimming: The majority of indoor swimming pools at Vancouver community centres are open at this time for the public to enjoy a solid set of laps. As avid swimmers will know, this water activity is a great non-weight bearing, full-body workout. Be sure to check community centre listings for opening hours and to plan your safe pool experience.

Ice skating: Try something different this year — lace up a pair of skates! Public skating sessions and skating lessons are available at community centres. View the public skate schedule here for a venue near you.

Stream a class at home: If you’re staying home, you can still attend classes with the streaming options from several Vancouver studios. Enjoy yoga and other fitness options from the comfort of home!

And remember to keep hydrated!


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