Endorphin-Boosting Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

Hot chocolate Vancouver beat the winter blues

Photo: Leila likes for Thierry Chocolate

Don’t let a cold and rainy day get you down this winter. From hot chocolate to winter hikes and art courses, we’ve shared some fun ways to increase your endorphins and melt the winter blues away.

Until February 5, 2021, in line with the public health order updated on January 6, non-essential travel into and out of BC is not recommended. BC residents let’s do our part by continuing to stay local and support local, with your immediate household or bubble, in accordance with the latest guidelines.

Endoprhins are chemicals produced by your nervous system. They are “feel-good” and happiness boosters, and we all need a little more happy these days — especially these days.

The reality of winter is that the weather isn’t always as we want it to be. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, stay warm and keep our spirits up. Here are six ways to up your endorphins to beat the winter blues and bring some smiles into your day.

Beaucoup Bakery hot chocolate beat the winter blues

Photo: Beaucoup Bakery

Drink hot chocolate

Get a hot chocolate to-go as you explore our beautiful city. Hot Chocolate Vancouver is back for 2021 with a modified format through Feburary 14th. If you’re like me, chocolate makes you happy — and so does supporting small businesses during this difficult time. With 39 chocstars and 87 flavours available, that means there are 87 ways to show local cafes like Beaucoup Bakery, Thierry Chocolate and Nelson the Seagull some love.

Vancouver Mural Festival beat the winter blues

Photo: Vancouver Mural Fest

Take a self-guided murals tour

Let the city’s vibrant mural art bring some cheer and inspiration to your day. The 2021 Vancouver Mural Festival might be several months away but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a self-guided tour of existing murals around the city. Also to tide mural-lovers over, the festival will bring Vancouver’s wall art and buildings to life through augmented reality technology from February 12-28th with VMF Winter Arts.

Beat teh winter blues at a spa

Photo: JW Marriott Parq Spa

Relax at the spa

A spa day makes everything worse — said no one, ever. Take some time for some relaxed pampering at a spa oasis in the city. Get a massage, mani-pedi, facial, or, well, everything. (Also, don’t knock a spa day, gents. It’s fun for you, too!) I’ve featured some favourite and popular treatments from spa retreats around Vancouver here.

Hikers on the trail to Norvan Falls in North Vancouver

Hikers on the trail to Norvan Falls. Photo credit: Taryn Eyton

Get inspired by nature

Get outside! The Vancouver area has so many winter activities for individuals and core household members to enjoy together. These include hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and so much more. Check out these outdoor activity blog posts for some endorphin boost inspiration. And if you need convincing on getting outside in the rain, here are some health benefits to embracing what makes our city so green!

That being said, sometimes the weather dictates staying indoors, staying cozy, and not a lot of physical activity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch with nature from the comfort of your own home. VanDusen Botanical Garden currently has online winter botany courses and other virtual courses (like painting) available. These events are a nice way to explore the gardens and virtually connect with others — without having to change out of your sweats.

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