5 Wildest Flavours at the 2016 Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, starting Jan 16

Photo credit: Rick Chung | Flickr

Photo credit: Rick Chung | Flickr

Chocoholics, get ready to binge. The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival returns this month, and it’s bigger and tastier than ever.

A total of 25 local cafes, bakeries and chocolate shops are offering up 59 crazy variations on hot chocolate over the 30-day festival, Jan. 16-Feb. 14. This marks the sixth instalment of the homegrown fest, which seeks to elevate humble hot chocolate to new heights. 

Photo credit: Chocolate Arts

Photo credit: Chocolate Arts

Participants this year range from venerable Vancouver cafes like 49th Parallel and East Van Roasters to chocolateries like Thomas Haas and Schokolade, bakeries and patisseries like Terra Breads and Thierry and even fine restaurants like Diva at the Met. With each passing year, the festival’s “chocstars” outdo themselves with increasingly elaborate and zany takes on hot chocolate, incorporating off-the-wall ingredients, unexpected flavour combinations and even booze.

Photo credit: christopher cornelius | Flickr

Photo credit: christopher cornelius | Flickr

Offerings vary from location to location and also change according to date. A complete list of participants and their drinks and a handy walking map are available on the official festival website. But to get you in the mood for sipping, here are five of the most inventive and unusual hot chocolates on offer this year:

  • Go bananas (and get tipsy) at Bella Gelateria in Coal Harbour The Bx3 starts with organic bananas caramelized in Grand Marnier. A touch of creme de banana liqueur, white rum and nutmeg are then blended together with fine 45-percent-dark Kayambe chocolate. Served with a slice of homemade banana bread. Available Jan. 16 – Feb. 14
  • Try a distinctly Japanese take on hot chocolate at Koko MonkThe Roshamon is a genre-bending hot chocolate that pushes the line between “perception and reality,” according to its makers. White chocolate is combined with miso, matcha tea and sake to create a beverage that defies categorization. Served with a macaron. Available Jan. 16-Jan. 22
  • Cake meets hot chocolate at Glenburn Soda FountainYou love red velvet cake, why not try it in hot chocolate form? The Caught Red-Handed consists of velvety, red-tinted hot chocolate topped with whipped cream cheese and white chocolate curls. Served with a white chocolate sugar cookie. Available Jan. 16-Jan. 22 and Jan. 30-Feb. 5 (except Mondays)
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2 Responses to 5 Wildest Flavours at the 2016 Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, starting Jan 16

  1. Kathy

    They all seem to have booze in them…good for some i guess, but “hot chocolate festival” had sort of resonated with me as a “family friendly” event.

  2. Jaime

    A bit of an exaggeration to say they ALL have booze. Plenty of options for the non-alcoholic types.

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