$45,000 bottle of whisky coming to Vancouver

the-balvenie-robbed-saqEnjoy the occasional single malt? Like to indulge in the finer things? Have $45,000 lying around?

Then you may be in for a treat. An ultra-rare whisky is coming up for sale in Vancouver and – at around $1,000 or so a sip – it’s bound to be something special.

Scotland’s esteemed Balvenie distillery is shipping just one bottle of a very special whisky to Vancouver this month. Balvenie Fifty was first put into cask back in 1963. All told, only 131 bottles were ever produced. And, according to whisky aficionados, the taste is unmistakeable: fragrant, floral and boasting hints of honey. 

If you’re in the market for this premium scotch, you can find it on sale at the Signature Liquor Store on Cambie Street as of Jan. 12. But expect some competition from fellow connoisseurs. Last year, a $37,000 bottle of Glenfiddich went on sale at the store and was nabbed by a Vancouver man who camped out in the parking lot for four days. Another set of four vintage whiskies from Scotland’s Dalmore distillery was put on sale at the same store last year for $139,000.

Photo credit: Justin | Flickr

Photo credit: Justin | Flickr

According to the CBC, Vancouver is internationally known for its discerning whisky fans. Balvenie is sending just one bottle of Fifty to all of Canada, and it ended up here “because of the abundance of single malt drinkers in the province who are looking for high-end products.”

For many buyers, however, the appeal is often less about the taste than about the long-term investment. According to an article in the retirement and investment magazine High 50 (and cited by Vancity Buzz), whisky is one of the highest-return assets out there. The 1,000 best-performing investment-grade bottles of whisky appreciated by 23.8 percent in 2013. Experts report that annual increases of 15 percent are commonplace.

The Dalmore Constellation Collection – THE 60s Set, featuring four of the world’s rarest single malt whiskies. Available exclusively at the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (CNW Group/The Dalmore Constellation Collection)

If Balvenie’s $45,000 bottle isn’t top-shelf enough for you, you might also consider the the Dalmore Paterson Collection. Said to be the world’s most expensive whisky, it’s valued at nearly $2 million and evidently has yet to find a buyer. No word on whether it’s coming to Vancouver liquor stores any time soon.

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