5 Best Places to Run while Training for the 2016 Vancouver Sun Run

Photo credit: Holdfast4 | Wikipedia

Photo credit: Holdfast4 | Wikipedia

The 2016 Vancouver Sun Run, one of Canada’s biggest organized 10km runs, is coming quicker than a sprinter out of the start gate! On Sunday, April 17, 2016 the streets of Downtown Vancouver will be taken over by a sea of blue t-shirts as the whole city seems to come together to run.

If you’ve already started your training for the run, or if you haven’t even moved from the couch, we’ve got a few ideas on where to enjoy a nice run outside now that the weather is starting to cooperate. Kick the treadmill habit this month and check out one (or all) of these awesome places to run!


Photo: Christopher Porter / Flickr

The West Dyke Trail in Richmond

Richmond is the perfect place in Vancouver to go running because it is nice and flat. There’s no chance of randomly running into a big hill that causes you to have to slow down to a walk – you can just keep steaming along steadily!

The West Dyke Trail is a peaceful piece of land in Richmond that skirts the water on the way to Steveston. You’ll be sharing the trail with cyclists, so make sure you stick to one side. There are plenty of side trails to explore on your run as well, if you get bored of the same landscape.

Best of all, you can stop at Steveston for a post-run treat. Fish n’ Chips anyone?

north vancouver

Image courtesy of Katherine Dykstra | Inside Vancouver Flickr Pool

The North Shore Trails

Even if you don’t have trail running shoes, in good weather you can run through the trails of North Vancouver with relative ease in your normal running shoes. Keep your eyes peeled for surprise roots and rocks, however.

Trail running is much more exciting than typical treadmill running or even pavement running because you’re always have to pay attention to where you’re going. A great option is the trail to Norvan Falls, which is a bit longer than you might like (it’s 14km), but walking it won’t hurt!

The trail is fairly flat and fun to run, and it will take you to an awesome waterfall at the turnaround point.

cherry blossoms vancouver

Image courtesy of Mike Ian – Inside Vancouver Flickr Pool

Run the cherry blossoms

It’s hard not to notice the amazing cherry blossoms in bloom all over Vancouver. If you’re not suffering from allergies, touring through the streets with cherry blossom trees offers a fun and beautiful running route.

Check out the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival neighbourhood map of all the best places to see the trees so you can plan your route accordingly. Don’t forget to bring a camera along with you (cellphone works too!)

Photo Credit: Burnaby Lake

Photo Credit: Burnaby Lake

Burnaby Lake Loop

Head out to the suburbs of Burnaby for a fun run around the picturesque Burnaby Lake park. You’ll likely see a lot of wildlife including ducks, geese, beavers, and much more.

The entire path is 10km, so it’s the perfect way to get a feel for the whole Sun Run length. It’s a nice, flat route and there are a lot of boardwalks that keep the run very interesting.

stanley park seawall

Image courtesy of Ted McGrath | Inside Vancouver Flickr Pool

The Vancouver Sea Wall

Of course we had to include the Vancouver Sea Wall on this list! Thousands of runners take to this route daily for an amazing and refreshing run with tons of attention-grabbing scenery and people-watching opportunities.

The air is extra crisp and fresh right next to the ocean, so it’ll feel like you could run forever!

Where is your favourite place to jog in Vancouver? Let us know in the comment section below!

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