Kids In Vancouver: Take A Walking Photo Tour Of Olympic Village

Olympic Village Birds | Photo: Elsbro (Flickr)

Olympic Village Birds | Photo: Elsbro (Flickr)

Olympic Village is one of the most picturesque spots in Vancouver, featuring sweeping views of Science World, BC Place, and the downtown Vancouver skyline. While the waterfront community is the perfect spot to grab some lunch, stroll along the seawall, and snap photos of the landscape, it is also a great place to have a little photo walk fun with kids!

Grab your cameras (or phones), and head off on this fun walking photo tour, exploring some of the eye-catching art installations that can be found in and around the Olympic Village area. Use the map (below) to guide your family from one spot to the next, or make it a fun scavenger hunt, encouraging your kids to seek out these 5 awe-inspiring pieces while strolling around the inlet of False Creek South.

"Human Structures" | Photo: Arlene Gee (Flickr)

“Human Structures” | Photo: Arlene Gee (Flickr)

1. The “Human Structures” Sculpture

Begin your photo stroll at Hinge Park, where you’ll find the rainbow-coloured “Human Structures”. Comprised of 64 painted and moulded galvanized steel figures, the art piece symbolizes the unity of humanity, working together to build out world. The piece was created by artist Jonathan Borofsky as part of the Vancouver Biennale Art Exhibition Tour.

Pyramids At The Pinnacle | Photo: Henry Lam

Pyramids At The Pinnacle | Photo: Henry Lam (Flickr)

2. The Pyramids At The Pinnacle

Located in front of a condo development in the heart of Olympic Village, the pyramids add a striking touch to the city street that leads into the village square. While it’s not part of the art tour noted above, kids love to explore this piece.

Big Bird | Photo: Dave Brookfield (Flickr)

Big Bird | Photo: Dave Brookfield (Flickr)

3. The Big Birds Of Olympic Village

As you venture through Olympic Village Plaza, your eyes will fall on the two giant sparrow statues erected as part of the Vancouver Biennale Art Exhibition Tour. Artist Myfanwy MacLeod inverts the relationship between small urban birds and humans through her piece, to make a statement about the changing ecosystem and the human impact on nature.

Question Mark | Photo: Yuanxi Zhou (Flickr)

Question Mark | Photo: Yuanxi Zhou (Flickr)

4. The Question Mark

As you make your way around the inlet’s seawall and circle the perimeter of Science World, you will come across a giant orange sculpture that looks like a question mark. This piece is an extension of the outdoor science park, exhibited by Science World.

Olympic Village

Trans Am Totem | Photo: Demelo Photography

5. The Trans Am Totem

Designed by artist Marcus Bowcott, the scrap-metal car stack is a can’t-miss display. The art piece questions the cycle of production and consumption through combining symbols of our throwaway consumer culture, with an old growth cedar tree to reflect our natural surroundings, and the environmental impacts of our choices.

Use this map to discover these 5 awesome art pieces, while you explore all that Olympic Village in Vancouver has to offer.

Map of Olympic Village

Map of Olympic Village

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