Vancouver Screen Scene: Lost in Space, Van Helsing, and more

B.C.’s Molly Parker will star in the reboot of the sci-fi TV series Lost in Space.

A happy solar new year to all and the new year means productions are getting back to business after being on hold over the holiday season.

A bunch of TV series are back into the swing of things, with some of them ending later this month.

But there are a bunch of more productions about to take their place, including a reboot of a 1960s sci-fi series and a dark fantasy TV series about a vampire huntress.

Idris Elba

The romantic survival drama The Mountain Between Us, starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, gets back into gear today (January 3) after a holiday season hiatus.

It continues shooting until February 24.

The Flash

TV fans, take note: numerous TV series are also back in action on set today: Arrow, Lucifer, Once Upon a Time, Riverdale, Supergirl, Supernatural, The Flash, and Timeless.

The 100

And then there are bunch of TV series that resume production today but wind up calling it a wrap shortly thereafter: iZombie finishes on January 9; DC’s Legends of Tomorrow wraps up on January 10; The 100 ends on January 16; Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce concludes Season 4 on January 23; and Bates Motel on January 24.

Joel Kinnaman stars in Altered Carbon

Still on hiatus are the Disney Channel sci-fi series Mech-X4, back to shooting Season 2 on January 9, and the cyberpunk series Altered Carbon, which resumes on January 24.

But in addition to all of that, a number of new productions are about to hit the streets of Vancouver.


As we previously mentioned, the animal-themed thriller TV series Zoo starts shooting Season 3 on January 19 and is slated to continue until June 15.

Toby Stephens

A few days later, the Netflix series Lost in Space starts shooting Season 1 on January 23, continuing until June 26.

Directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent), it’s a reboot of the 1960s sci-fi TV series, which follows the Robinson family who is forced to pull together and rely upon one another when they are stranded far away from their destination and have to survive in an alien environment.

A number of cast members have been announced.

Molly Parker

Toby Stephens (Black Sails) will play astrophysicist and father John Robinson, B.C.’s Molly Parker (House of Cards) will portray aerospace engineer and mother Maureen Robinson, and Maxwell Jenkins (Sense8) and Vancouver-born Taylor Russell (Falling Skies) will play their children.

Ignacio Serricchio

Meanwhile, Ignacio Serricchio (Bones) will play Don West, a luxury goods smuggler who discovers the Robinson family.

It’s scheduled to be broadcast in 2018.

Kelly Overton

Later on, the fantasy-horror TV series Van Helsing gears up for shooting Season 2, starting on February 8 and continuing until June 16.

Set in 2019, Vanessa Van Helsing, the distant relative of legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is resurrected in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by vampires.

Vanessa (played by Kelly Overton) helps to lead a resistance against the blood-suckers, as her blood helps to turn vampires back into humans.

The cast also includes Vincent Gale, Trezzo Mahoro, Christopher Heyerdahl, and Rukiya Bernard.

Rukiya Bernard

That’s all for this week’s roundup of what’s shooting in Vancouver.

But there are many more productions on the way and who knows what else will wind up shooting here in Hollywood North during 2017.

So stay tuned—and keep your eyes peeled.

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