10 Wellness-Related Resolutions for Vancouverites in 2017

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Welcome 2017! I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to this fresh, new year. Nothing feels better than a clean slate, so let’s take advantage of it! Vancouver is an incredible city to pursue health and wellness, and there’s no one in this world that couldn’t benefit from a little self-care. From the ocean air to the multitude of healthy dining options, maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t so painful after all. Though, with the hustle and bustle around the holidays, we tend to put personal care on the back burner. Let’s join together and commit to self in 2017. Here’s a list of 10 resolutions to get the ball rolling. Do one, do all, or do none, but take care of yourselves this year, Vancouverites!

Get Out of Your Car

What’s good for mother earth is good for us! Rather than driving for your morning commute this year, why don’t you try walking, biking, or taking transit? This way you’re eliminating road rage first thing in the morning, subtracting parking stress, saving money on gas, getting fresh air, and doing good for the environment! Vancouver has an outstanding public transit system, if you’re not one for walking in the rain, take advantage of those buses and trains.

Spend Lots of Time Near the Water

The fresh ocean air can work wonders. Commit to spending time by the water this year and you’ll find yourself leaps and bounds more relaxed. The sun, the sea, cheery Vancouverites, fresh air, plenty of activities, why wouldn’t you spend every waking moment on Vancouver’s sandy beaches?

Get Artsy

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Now I’m not saying you need to become an artist, but the arts scene in Vancouver is something worth exploring as much as possible. There are constantly live musicians, art shows, museum exhibits, art classes, plays, and festivals to check out in the city. Do your research, make your wish list, and follow through on a few that peaked your interest!

Join a Fitness-Based Club

In my experience the thing that helps those resolutions become a reality is accountability. Joining a group with common goals and a positive energy is the best way to stay accountable and make reaching your goals fun! Check out meetup.com to find some fun and fit clubs to join near you. Also, this is a great way to meet some new friends in your area.

Read Local Authors

Home to the Vancouver Writer’s Festival, Vancouver is filled with talented writers and authors. If you’d like to read more in 2017, why not support local art and pick up a book by a Vancouver author? Learn more about your city and the people in it while exercising that mind.

Explore Vancouver’s Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

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Even the biggest meat fan should check out Vancouver’s vegan and vegetarian restaurants, they’re truly that good. Restaurants that don’t use meat have incredible, creative menus bursting with flavour and ingredients you may never have heard of. Going to these hot-spots is a great way to get some cooking inspiration for 2017. If you’re not sure where to start, I’d highly suggest The Naam, Arriva Ristorante, or ZEND Conscious Lounge.

Take Advantage of Winter Sports

With the unusual, snowy weather this year in Vancouver, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out there and take advantage. Head up to one of the ski hills, go sledding or snowshoeing on Burnaby Mountain, try skating in Robson Square, or just get out and build a snowman! It’s easy to feel trapped inside during the winter, so make yourself a winter to-do list and give yourself a few reasons to get out and get active.

Try Meditation

Meditation is something I’d recommend to anyone, and it’s a wonderful way to kick off a new year. Go to a meditation class at one of Vancouver’s incredible yoga studios, or if you’re not comfortable in a group setting, there are tons of apps and youtube meditations to check out. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be hooked in no time.

Take More Photos

Taking more photos is a wonderful resolution for a number of reasons: You get to look back over your memories down the road, explore a new hobby, be more mindful when out and about, and take an opportunity to just stop and look. Even if it’s just on your phone, you’ll never regret taking more photos!

Wake Up Early!

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Almost any resolution you can think of will be a whole lot easier with more hours in the day! Waking up early allows you to get more done in a day (even just enjoying quiet time) with less stress for time. Waking up early allows each day to feel more fulfilling and successful. Sometimes it’s tough to get out of bed when it’s still dark out in the winter but it’s absolutely worth it.

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