10 Perfect Places in Vancouver for an Outdoor Yoga Practice

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There are two things I will always recommend to anyone needing a pick-me-up: Yoga and fresh air. One of my favourite things about Vancouver is that it’s filled with parks, green space, and beaches for everyone to enjoy. If you’re ever in need of some quality time with the great outdoors, I’m willing to bet you can find a park or communal outdoor space nearby. So, why not roll out your mat for a personal practice surrounded by our city’s diverse beauty?

I won’t even get started on the countless benefits of yoga (I could go on for hours), but I will say that at times it can be challenging to fit a practice into a busy schedule. It’s tough to find a class that works with your day, find the time to get to the studio and let’s face it, it can be pretty pricey. Outdoor yoga is the perfect way to do yoga on your terms whenever you can fit it in, and it’s free! Whether you’re meditating, doing a gentle stretch, or cycling through a practice, doing yoga in the heart of nature is an excellent way to connect with yourself, your surroundings, and mother nature.

Sound like something you might be interested in? I’ve compiled a list of 10 beautiful Vancouver locations that are perfect for an outdoor yoga practice:

Wreck Beach

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University Blvd and South West Marine Drive
Wreck Beach is located in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, which is park of the UBC Endowment Lands. Wreck Beach is an incredibly popular clothing-optional beach in Vancouver which is buzzing with people all summer long. There are constantly yogis gathered at Wreck sharing a practice or playing around with acro yoga. If you’re not interested in doing your practice with others, or in a busy area, I would highly suggest visiting Wreck Beach in the Spring or Fall. It’s equally stunning, but far less crowded.

Fraser River Park

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8705 Angus Drive
Fraser River Provincial Park is absolutely lovely. This tranquil park is located along the Fraser River in North Kerrisdale. Here you will find tons of grassy space, boardwalks along the water, wooded areas, and some sandy patches as well. Because the park is long and narrow you will have no problem finding a space to be alone with nature. Listen to the river run and birds sing while breathing in the freshest air around.

Queen Elizabeth Park

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4600 Cambie St
This 130-acre municipal park is located in the heart of East Vancouver. The diverse scenery in the park allows its visitors to pick their surroundings. Settle in beside the duck pond, in the lush woods, or in one of the vast green spaces. Since the park is so massive you can choose your view as well, in fact, the duck pond overlooks the Vancouver skyline and creates a truly breathtaking scene.

Third Beach

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Ferguson Point in Stanley Park
Located within Vancouver’s beloved Stanley Park, Third Beach is a naturally sandy beach you will fall immediately in love with. The perimeter of the beach is shielded by trees which mute the sound of the city and creates a perfectly tranquil environment to gaze out at the water and unwind.

Sunset Beach Park

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1204 Beach Ave
Easily accessible from the West End and downtown, Sunset Beach is located at the mouth of False Creek. One of the most wonderful things about this stunning park is the designated quiet beach. If you’re interested in getting zen, you don’t have to worry about disruption. You won’t believe the phenomenal ocean views this park offers, it’s always difficult to leave!

Nelson Park

Photo: The Province

1030 Bute St
This lovely Vancouver park is located right in the middle of the West End. The sprawling, lush grass is a perfect place to roll out your mat and enjoy a peaceful practice inside the city limits. Gaze up Vancouver’s magnificent architecture and be one with your city.

Kitsilano Beach

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1499 Arbutus St
You can walk right off of the bustling city street onto this sandy beach. Kits Beach is located at the north edge of the Kitsilano neighborhood and overlooks the Burrard Inlet. The Kits neighborhood is known for its vibrant, active, healthful culture and is home to some incredible yoga studios, so what better place for your practice? Find a shady tree or a patch of sand to throw down your mat, take a deep breath of the ocean air, and enjoy! If you’d prefer a guided practice, there are often free classes being held for you to join in on. Stay tuned for more info!

New Brighton Park

Photo: City of Vancouver

3201 New Brighton Rd
You’ll find New Brighton Park in the Hastings-Sunrise district. The peaceful waterfront park faces the North Shore Mountains and Burrard Inlet. There are walking trails, green space, and beach areas to explore and a vast terrain to select your perfect yoga spot from.

Dude Chilling Park

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2390 Brunswick St
Located in the vibrant Mount Pleasant area, Dude Chilling Park is Vancouver’s 2nd most visited park. The small green space is right at the intersection of Main Street and Broadway, and though the park is small, it is widely used and appreciated by locals. The name was originally a joke made on a sign by a local artist, but it stuck! Go enjoy a chill practice at Dude Chilling Park!

Spanish Banks Beach Park

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4801 NW Marine Dr
Another Vancouver beach, another jaw-dropping view! Both the Vancouver skyline and sprawling ocean views can be taken in at this gorgeous Vancouver park. Whether it’s sand or grass you’re after, you will find more than you could hope for here. This beach offers great vibes, people, and scenery that everyone should experience!

Do you know of a perfect spot for outdoor yoga? Please share it with us!

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