Delicious & Nutritious: Your Guide to Vancouver’s Best Acai Bowls

Photo: A Million Miless

Have you ever tried an acai bowl (also known as a smoothie bowl)? If not, you most definitely should! If you have had the pleasure of trying one, it’s likely you’re a big fan, I know I am. An acai bowl is basically a thick smoothie topped with fruit, oats, nuts, seeds, or anything your heart desires. These delicious and nutritious bowls are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a mid-day snack, especially in Vancouver’s hot summer sun. I actually can’t think of something better to enjoy while soaking up some rays on one of the city’s beautiful beaches. You’ve likely seen some colourfully enticing bowls being carried around by Vancouverites, and if you’re anything like me you’ve wanted nothing more than to be the one eating them. Well, you’re in luck! Here’s your guide to acai bowls in Vancouver:

Glory Juice Co

Photo: Glory Juice Co

This healthy hot-spot currently has 3 locations in Vancouver with a 4th on the way. They have a huge menu of smoothies, juices, and bowls that are as fresh as can be. If you’re ever feeling like you need a little nourishment, this colourful menu will have you up to snuff in no time flat. Choose from 4 different acai bowls and enjoy!

Body Energy Club

Photo: Body Energy Club

Here we have another one of Vancouver’s hard-hitters in terms of wellness. Body Energy Club carries supplements, vitamins, fitness gear and accessories, and a whole lot of natural foods. In addition to their retail products, they also have a smoothie bar which serves mouth-watering acai bowls. They have 5 locations around the city and I’m willing to bet you’ll fall in love.

The Anchor Eatery

Photo: The Anchor Eatery

I would recommend this beloved West Vancouver eatery to anyone! The Anchor Eatery was inspired by the travel experiences of its two owners who wanted to bring back the foods the fell in love with in different parts of the world. They found themselves mainly in small surf towns, so naturally, they had their fair share of acai bowls. If you love acai bowls, you’re going to be crazy about theirs. You’ll feel like you’re in the tropics with one of these in your hand!

Radicle Juice

Photo: Radicle Juice

Here you will find fresh juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and more. Radicle Juice is located on the lively Main Street and is always a good choice when you’re looking for something bright and nutritious. Their aim is to bring all sorts of folks together to enjoy their offerings and wellness in general. I have a feeling you’ll be frequenting this wonderful place.


Photo: Buddha-Full

I love North Van! The view from Lower Lonsdale overlooking downtown Vancouver’s skyline speaks for itself. Whether you live in North Van or you like to visit from time to time, you must try Budda-Full. This cozy space is bursting with character and scrumptious eats that do our body nothing but favours. Grab one of their incredible acai bowls and explore North Van, or kick back and enjoy the coziness.

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