Kids In Vancouver: Check Out Sharing Space With Wildlife – Science World’s Newest Exhibit

Science World | Photo: Ted McGrath (Flickr Pool)

If your kids have seen the animated movie Over The Hedge, then they know how dangerous it can be for wildlife to safely navigate their way through suburban sprawls and emerge unscathed.

A newly-launched project – the Sharing Space with Wildlife Exhibit – was erected this week at Science World’s Ken Spencer Science Park, with a mission to educate youth and their families on the safety issues that impact wildlife as they try to survive life surrounded by humans and city dwellings. Here’s what you can expect from this 600 ft. interactive exhibit that now calls Science World home.

The Sharing Space with Wildlife Exhibit aims to demonstrate the importance of providing long-term protection for wildlife, who have become increasingly endangered as growing cities have cut into their natural spaces.

The display focuses specifically on the wildlife that can be found in the Rocky Mountain National Parks, and how Parks Canada has created wildlife crossing structures in and around the busy highways that cross the area’s national parklands. In doing so, they have reduced wildlife-vehicle collisions by over 80%, while helping wildlife to access vital habitats that have been divided by city roadways over the years.

Through this newly-added dynamic learn and play structure, kids can explore child-sized highway wildlife overpasses and underpasses, learn more about the animals that would use these structures, and engage in interactive crafts and educational games to help bring the message of conservation and environmental consciousness home for young minds.

This fun, family-friendly exhibit showcases how animals and people coexist in urban landscapes, encouraging visitors to learn about animals that live and travel within cities. Developing new and innovative programs allows more Canadians, including youth and newcomers in an urban setting, to experience the outdoors and learn more about our environmental actions.

Before you head to Science World, be sure to check out their daily happenings, including live shows, films, and family-friendly programming – and a visit to Vancouver’s favourite tourist destination wouldn’t be complete without a screening at the OMNIMAX Theatre – an immersive film-viewing experience where visitors can watch a feature show on the world’s largest dome screen.

Sharing Space with Wildlife Exhibit
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March 26 – June 30, 2017
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July 1 – September 5, 2017
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Phone: 604-443-7440
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