8 Reasons to Try SUP Yoga in Vancouver

SUP yoga Vancouver

Photo: Jordan Junck

We’re already past the halfway point of summer, but you still have time to get outside and soak up the Vancouver sun. Change up your fitness routine with a workout that marries yoga and being out on the water: stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga.

A challenging yet peaceful style of yoga, SUP yoga is a fantastic and different way to enjoy being out on the water. Here are eight reasons to try SUP Yoga and where you can find your SUP zen in the city.

8 Reasons to Try SUP Yoga in Vancouver

sup yoga vancouver

Image courtesy of SUP Yoga Vancouver | Facebook.com

1. Be present.

Balancing on your floating yoga mat, you have no choice but to focus on being in moment. Embrace appreciate only having to think about one thing: staying on the board.

2. You don’t have to be an advanced yogi.

The goal of SUP yoga is to find balance (literally and figuratively), not to come into a complicated pose. Simplicity is the key to finding body awareness.

3. Mindful movement = balance of mind and body.

Every movement must be taken with care on your floating yoga mat. This is an opportunity to truly slow down and tune in to your body.

4.  Challenge your core.

As with regular yoga, SUP yoga is an amazing core and overall body workout. You’ll be using the same muscles as you would on your mat, but the challenge of the board will use them differently.

5. A different way to spend time with your tribe.

Group classes can be booked, so consider this for a bachelorette/bachelor party or  day day out with family or friends!

6. Stunning West Coast views.

SUP Yoga is an incredible way to get outside and see Vancouver at its stunning summer best. Let Mother Nature inspire you.

7. Savasana as you’ve never experienced it.

Imagine lying on your floating yoga mat in everyone’s favourite yoga pose–Savasana (resting pose)–feeling the gentle breeze on your face and listening to the sound of water gently lapping against your board. Need I say more?

8. Enjoy a fun and challenging activity.

As stand paddling and yoga combined are particularly challenging, be sure that you’re comfortable on a stand up paddle board. Lessons are available in the Vancouver area and are a unique way to experience the outdoor beauty of the city and surrounding area.

Check out these SUP Yoga classes in and around Vancouver:

paddleboard yoga Vancouver

SUP Yoga is a great mind and body workout. | Photo: Jordan Junck


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