10 Upcoming Vancouver Races You’ll Definitely Want to Run in

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If the cold is making it tough for you to get motivated, you’re not the only one! Though some dedicated runners are out there 365 days a year, rain or shine, that’s not the case for all of us. People come from far and wide to take part in these Vancouver races, so you’d be silly not to join in! Here are 10 upcoming Vancouver races you’ll definitely want to sign up for:

Green Sock Half & Shamrock’n Race

March 12th, 2017
5k, Half-marathon, Relay

This Burnaby race is perfect for anyone looking to have a great time while achieving their goals. You guessed it, it’s a themed race! Gather your green duds for this fun St.Patrick’s race. The course circles around the Burnaby lake, located in the Burnaby Regional Park and wildlife sanctuary; so, you can expect gorgeous scenery and some cute critters!

Transplant Trot Vancouver

April 2017 (TBD)

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This run is one of many taking place across Canada during National Organ & Tissue Donation Week at the end of April. The Trots are organized solely by volunteers and give all funds raised to The Canadian Transplant Association. The run is not just to raise money, but to celebrate like after transplants, increase awareness about donation, and increase the number of registered donors across Canada. Come have fun for a great cause, Vancouver!

Easter Fun Run

April 16th, 2016
5k, 10k, Fun Run

Photo: http://www.easterrun.ca/

Here’s another themed run for you and your whole family to enjoy. The race itself begins at Lumberman’s Arch and continues onto the seawall where you’ll take in some of Vancouver’s finest views. There is a Little Bunny 1k for kids, DJs, dancing, hot chocolate, and fun to be had for everyone and anyone. This laid-back run is perfect for any level of runner, as love as you’re prepared for fun. Bring your dog, bring your kids, bring yourself, let’s run!

Vancouver Sun Run

April 23rd, 2017

I’m willing to bet you’ve heard of this beloved Vancouver run. The annual Vancouver Sun Run holds the title of Canada’s largest 10k road race and the second largest timed 10k in the world. You better believe this race is jam-packed with excited runners from worldwide, about 50,000 to be exact. Don’t worry, you won’t get trampled, the run is perfectly organized into waves to ensure a smooth start for all. You will begin in Vancouver’s West End and head all the way to the BC Place stadium. Take in Vancouver’s downtown, trails, and parks all in one stunning 10k.

BMO Vancouver Marathon

May 7th, 201
8k, Half-Marathon, Relay

Photo: http://www.runguides.com/vancouver/event/bmo-vancouver-marathon

Here’s another one that attracts runners from all over the globe! This race offers an outstanding taste of the city as you begin in the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park and finish downtown, Vancouver. Be prepared, because this race is a pretty big deal! Thousands of spectators line the streets and the energy is as high as can be. If you’re looking for something to train for, this year or next, this race is a great choice.

Color Me Rad Vancouver

June 2017 (TBD)
5k, Fun Run

If you haven’t experienced a Color Me Rad run yet, you simply must! If you have, you’re probably already signed up. These runs are such a blast, in fact, you might even totally forget your exercising. Basically, you show up ready for a good time and leave covered head-to-toe in bright colors. There’s great music, great people, hilarious costumes, and good times. Grab a team or show up solo, you’re sure to have a memorable, fun-filled day.

Spartan Race Vancouver

June 10th, 2017
Obstacle Course

Photo: Modern Mix Vancouver

Though this isn’t just a running race, I couldn’t level this one out! Spartan races are immense physical challenges, in fact, the running might just be the easiest part! The run totals to about 5-8k, but it is split up by over 20 Signature Spartan Obstacles that will push you to your limits. You may be shocked to find out what you’re capable of, and though it’s tough (I won’t lie), you will have tons of fun in getting down and dirty on the course.

Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon

June 25th, 2017
5k, Half-marathon

If you’re a serious runner looking for a challenge, I’d highly suggest this incredible race! The Scotiabank Half has been going strong since ’98 and brings in upwards of 5,000 runners year after year. You will get some of the best ocean views around as the race brings its participants from point-to-point, beginning at UBC and finishing at Stanley Park. This race has clocked in some of the fastest times ever in BC, so you can imagine these runners bring their A-game.

Vancouver Pride Run & Walk

July 2017 (TBD)

Photo: Daily Hive

An incredible day of support and inclusion! The annually Vancouver Pride run is hosted by Vancouver running group, Frontruners. The run starts and finishes at the lovely Sunset Beach and is open to everyone and anyone! Whether you’re an experienced runner, or you’re just there for support, you will have a wonderful day in a beautiful setting.

Night Nation Run

July 29th, 2017
Fun Run

I think it’s safe to say that Night Nation might be the definition of a fun run. Though I wouldn’t have predicted music festivals and running races to be a perfect combination, this event makes it work without argument. Thank goodness there’s an after party, or no one would cross that finish line because the run is just so fun! Your 5k will include dance stations, live DJs, light shows, lasers, giveaways, and so much more. You will dance your way through this 5k with an ear-to-ear smile the entire time. Once you’re done, check out the main stage and dive into festival mode.

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